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2012 Another Big Year for Car Recalls

In 2012, many car manufacturers had to recall many of their most popular models, somewhat unwillingly, after prodding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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This year Ford started the year by recalling 450,426 minivans and SUVs for mechanical issues. More recently they recalled their 2013 Escape when problems with the fuel lines came up once more. A recall was also issued for their 2001-2004 Escape (nearly 500,000) for faulty wiring in the cruise control and a sticky accelerator stick.

Toyota, last year’s winner for highest number of recalls, lived up to its reputation this year. Its first recall, for safety issues, started out at 681,500 vehicles in North America. Their next recall was for  778,000 RAV4’s and Lexus models for problems with their rear suspension. And most recently, and the company’s largest recall in 16 years, Toyota recalled 7.5 million cars because of door fires that the NHTSA has been looking into.

General Motors recalled 426,000 midsized sedans for automatic transmission troubles. They also recalled 4,700 2013 Chevrolet Sonics for a signal light electrical problem their engineers detected while cooking up a new computer program for the function. More recently GM is recalling 41,000 cars and crossovers to correct a fuel leak, but only in a handful of hot-weather states. Nissan is also recalling approximately 2,400 of its trucks and SUVs from its 2012 models because the front wheel hub might break away.

Chrysler’s Jeep Liberty has a recall of nearly 350,000 units earlier this year. The NHTSA has also been investigating their car models for engine fires and rear wheel lock ups.

Honda has been plagued by recalls recently that call into question their reputation for quality. The first recall they had this year is for 600,000 Accords for faulty hoses. They also announced a recall for 820,000 Civics and Pilots because of the possibility of for headlight failure. Even more recently Honda has recalled many of their 2002-2006 CR-Vs for a fire risk.

If you receive a recall notice for your vehicle, or you hear about one in the media and you think it is for your car or truck, be sure to contact the manufacturer. Defects could prove to be dangerous to you, your passengers, and others on the road. Be safe!

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